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Christmas ’07 December 28, 2007

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So the holidays are just about wrapping up and it’s time to go back to normal.

If I could leave up the Christmas decorations year round I would. I love the lights and the smells and the countless hours worrying if so&so is going to like what you bought or made them. Of course, if I left all the Christmas stuff out, it would be destroyed by little hands like everything else I own.

We’re super broke, so no gifts for anyone but the kidlets. Declan received a huge wooden pirate ship, complete with little wooden pirates, canons and a plank (as in “Arg! Walk the plank, Matey.”) He also got about 87 courses worth of wooden play food – he loves the ketchup bottle. Rowan… I dunno. Somehow I ended up buying him like 8 wooden rattles. When is he going to use them?

We went to the In Laws for Christmas dinner. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing certain people and was half tempted not to go because of them, but Christmas has always been a fun time for us. Ann made the day wonderful as usual. Dinner was delicious, even though Rowan insisted I eat it cold. Matt’s parents bought just about every large thing on our wishlist. I never hoped that we’d get so many things that we’ve been needing, but to receive them as gifts was such a treat. The boys’ Aunt came this time, though she was absent from Thanksgiving. She loves to buy things for Declan and we are grateful for the things she buys, but to be truthful I’d be happy to never have a toy that required batteries again. She bought a Tickle Me Cookie Monster this year. It’s one of those toys you see as an adult and think it’s adorable (it originally made me laugh), but when you see it as a parent it makes you want to cry. My only saving grace is Declan goes between ambivalent about it to terrified of it. Once Cookie Monster starts throwing himself to the ground and rolling around, Declan books it! Some out of town relatives of Matt’s family showed up, so I was able to meet some of the extended family. Unfortunately I also got the opportunity to try and ignore Matt’s thieving brother for the day. That was fun… not.

I’d still like to get the kids down to ZooLights, but it has been so, so cold for us Arizona Natives.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope yours was as amazing as ours was. đŸ˜€


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