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I have a confession… December 29, 2007

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I don’t think that I’m a good cook. Not even a decent one, really. Sometimes I get the urge to cook something I find… like this potato soup… and I just get this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it’s not gonna be any good.

Mom and Matt always say what I cook is great, good or alright, but they kinda have to say that if they expect me to keep cooking. Declan’s taste is so fickle that he doesn’t count. I’m kinda surprised that they don’t cringe when I say I’m trying something new.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had some colossal disasters in the kitchen or because even things that people fawn over are just “Meh” to me by the time I’m done cooking. And nothing ever looks good. I should really work on my food presentation skills.

While on the topic of cooking and confessions… I’m hopelessly addicted to CookingBlogs. Don’t even get me started on CraftBlogs. I horde them in my account and get some weird, sweet satisfaction when adding them to my Google Reader. Maybe because I wish I could be talented enough to be the publisher of one of these awesome blogs, but it’s highly unlikely that will ever happen.

Mmmm… we just picked up some awesome pork tamales from Costco of all places.


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