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2008 Resolutions December 30, 2007

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I spent a bit of my super early morning nursing and reading others resolutions, courtesy of decor8. Bad idea. Now I have 6 million I would like to add to my own list and whittling it down is hard. So here it goes.

1…) Stop cussing, completely. No “shoot”, no “Christ on a pony”, no “son of a biscuiteater”. The sentiment is the same, so technically it is swearing, just not using the actual word. This is going to be a super tough one.

2…) Smile more. I have one of those faces that in it’s normal state can be mistaken for a scowl, which in turn makes people think that I’m surly. Really, I’m not. Also a smile can make a persons day.

3…) Spend more individual time with Declan and treat him like an adult. This was great inspiration for that and it truly makes sense. If we want our children to grow up as respectful adults, we need to model that behavior always. Some days I go to bed and cannot think of a time that I sat down and played with Declan, or did more than fill a simple request for a glass of water. Poor little man.

4…) Create and add some items to my Etsy shop. It’s been open for almost 2 years now and I’ve never put a single item up for sale.

5…) Along with number 4 goes do more craft projects – for myself and with the kids. Declan is getting big enough that a little structured craft time would be fun for both of us. Also, sending home neat little crafts with my daycare kids would give me a great sense of satisfaction.

Of course there’s the mandatory ones – Lose weight, make more money, get organized, buy a house, get rid of debt…. blah blah blah.

So, that’s the long and short of it.

Good Luck on your resolutions and have a Happy 2008!


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