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My progress thus far January 2, 2008

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Well, honestly not the greatest.

  • Did I cuss? Yes. Did I give up? NO!
  • Did I smile more? Dunno, no one else but the boys were home with me.
  • Did I spend more time with Declan? We did some laundry together, but nothing special.
  • Did I do any crafts? Nope. I did try a new eggsalad recipe though, with a few touches of my own everyone really liked it. I also signed up for the Daring Baker challenges. Seems I missed out on January, but hopefully I’ll get in on February’s challenge. Yay! I am really excited about that.

I also had my final 10 week visit with my wonderful and adorable Midwife. Everything is good, Rowan has doubled his birth weight and then some, etc etc.

All in all it was un uneventful day. Tomorrow a have a little guy coming to play for awhile so that he’s used to us when he starts daycare with me on Tuesday. Exciting! 😀


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