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Chaos… or “When is it bedtime?” January 4, 2008

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It seems my youngest may have colic or some sort of reflux. Poor little guy. All of us here are running on little sleep and even less money, which causes great stress. To listen to a newborn wail and sob for hours at a time is enough to make my cheese slide right of the cracker. We’re trying some remedies to see if it’s really colic or if it’s some kind of 24 hour upset. Of course, it never fails that Declan chooses to be two right as Rowan has fallen asleep.

I just want to gush over my new little daycare guy. He has Down Syndrome and is just the cutest little guy ever. Apparently his parents had had a hard time trying to find a caregiver for him because he’s special needs. And here I am experienced and everything. I already know all the sign language he does and we have great teaching aids to help us help him. He sticks up for himself when the dog or other kids get in his face which makes everything so much easier. I don’t have to police the dog’s every move.

I spoke with an old friend tonight again. She has 3 girls, which is awesome because who would I be able to make these awesome things for:

Dinner tonight was delish – Chicken Quesadillas with Carmelized Onions, though the presentation was lacking cause Rowan was fussing. Breakfast was a modified pancake of sorts – 1/2c peanutbutter, 2 eggs and some honey fried up like pancakes. They’re great because it’s pretty nutrition dense and sweet enough to not need syrup, so little hands can just pick them up. Planning on making some PeanutButter Chocolate Chip cookies tomorrow. Yay! No pictures though, unless I can find my moms camera.


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