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Lazy Sunday… January 6, 2008

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Today was one of those days that are gone too fast, but when you look back you realize it’s been a long day indeed.

My little bro was here and made me/us breakfast. I’m trying to cut out all dairy because of Rowan’s colic and he made sure to ask what was okay. He’s a good kid. We demoed a few new games on the xBox 360 – Jericho looks pretty good.

Then I tried to sew up some quick cotton throwing balls for the boys. I had the great idea to use the stuffing out of some old stuffed animals since I didn’t have any on hand. Ya know, the whole “reuse, reduce, recycle” and be thrifty idea. All was well until my mom pointed out that it would be like gutting and killing them. Thanks mom. I didn’t have the heart. On top of that, the lower tension on my sewing machine is suddenly out of whack again, it’s much too loose. I have no idea how to fix it and have had to take it in to the shop for this before. I have no manual as it was a “gift” from a friend. He never used it and I was always borrowing it. So the sewing machine is dead and so is the camera; Great.

The grand finale of the evening was Declan dumping out the whole $16 bottle of Rowan’s Mylicon drops. When he has the time to do these things I don’t know. There were 4 adults in the house at the time. There are only 4 rooms he can access if he kitchen gate is up.

If this isn’t trouble I don’t know what is…

Le sigh. Time to try and get myself and Rowan to sleep. Wish me luck. And maybe I can find some batting for pictures on the balls tomorrow. Despite everything they’re pretty cute.


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