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Ahh Drama January 14, 2008

Filed under: Life — Katie @ 6:44 pm

So, as usual, something I’ve said in one of my blogs has made someone angry. To be frank, I really don’t care. It’s not like someone took offense and was adult enough to talk directly to me about it. Oh no. The story I’m gathering is that a still anonymous person found the comment, alerted the person that the comment was about, then the person the comment was about spoke with Matt’s dad who asked Matt who finally told me about it. Pretty lame considering Matt and his Dad are completely innocent to the whole situation.

I understand that what I put on my blog is public and anyone can read it, but I’m getting really tired of people always spying on me and then going behind my back about it. The same thing happened when a certain family member discovered we were trying for another homebirth. This person even had the audacity to approach other family members about it and ended up sending an email to Matt asking him to reconsider. Yes, you read that right – I’m the one birthing the baby and they wrote to Matt like he really has any say in it. (He does, as we throughly discuss all major decisions, but in the end he can’t call trump on me just because.) Anyone that’s known me for longer than 5 minutes knows that I can’t stand confrontation, so if you were to come to me with your concerns it’s highly unlikely that a argument or fight would ensue.

And to sum this nice little entry up, I still stand fully by the comment I made. 1000%. If you have any question, comments and concerns, please feel free to contact me like an adult in one of the bazillion ways I am available for communication.


One Response to “Ahh Drama”

  1. Grandma Betty Says:

    Kate….My my what makes ppl do those kinds of things …and here I was just waiting to see a finished photo of the ‘balls’ ….LOL ….I find nothing offensive about ‘talking’ about the kind of day you had and what’s happening at your corner of the world ….Keep yor chin up …lead with your right .. and wear a BIG Smile…..Hugs to you, Matt, Declan and Rowan ….XOXOXOXOOXOOOXOOXOXOO

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