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Stuft Kids Toys January 16, 2008

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Yay! They’re finally completed. I know some of you are just dying to see them. 😀

If there’s anything parenting has taught me, it’s that kids play with the darnedest things. Just now I had to take a backscratcher away from Declan because he was playing in the dirt with it. Right next to him sat a whole set of sand toys, including little shovels and rakes. One thing that seems to be universal is cars and balls though.

Unfortunately throwing has become great fun. Most of the balls we have are wooden and belong to wooden playsets in one form or another. Hello Arcadia Door!!

So I made these:

Stauffed Toys

They were very simple to make – 6 identically shaped pieces sewn together, stuffed and hand-sewn shut. I didn’t even spend a dime, using only what we had on hand. Like I mentioned in a previous post my plan was to disembowel some old stuffed animals and use the stuffing, but Mudder guilted me out of it. Instead I washed up an old grungy pillow really well and used that stuffing. Now that’s using my noggin. The stuffing was a little lumpy, so they’re not perfectly round, but the kids wont notice. It also would havebeen easier if I had a nice pair of pinking shears. I bought a pair, but didn’t realize that pinking shears in the scrapbook section are only going to shred the fabric not cut it. To think I thought $4 pinking shears were a steal!


I also had some square scraps, from some bean bags, laying around, so we made a cube while we were at it. I think it’s my favorite so far.

Today is a busy blogging day. Keep a lookout for more entries!


One Response to “Stuft Kids Toys”

  1. Grandma Betty Says:

    Whew….thanks so very much for finishing the balls …LOL …they look great and the picture of Declan with the square one is marvelous !!!! Hugs

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