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Children’s Apron January 18, 2008

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Getting ready for my photo shoot

Declan getting ready to take pictures. Check out the Megan Noel print here.

Declan loves to help these days. Just this morning he picked up a paper towel that the dog had shredded (obviously 4 pounds of raw meat a day is not enough) and all I had to do is ask if he would help pick it up. Sometimes his help is more of a hindrance, like doing the dishes. He loves doing the dishes because he gets to play with all the scoops, utensils and whatnot, including the nifty little faucet adapter that turns it into a sprayer. This usually culminates in a sopping wet boy.

Aprons, including Mama's $2 Ikea apron find

So I made him an apron. I once got the harebrained idea to make my own cloth diapers at one point, so I have yards and yards of PUL lying around. Perfect! Once again I used only what I had already in the house, so it’s not the prettiest but it works.

I get to rinse!

It didn’t seem to bother him too much while doing the dishes and it’s fully washable – obviously. He wont be able to get it on and off by himself, as I made it to tie at the neck and waist but it’ll fit as he gets bigger. Maybe I should try some snaps?

Is it clean?

(I figure if it’s going to be blurry anyway I may as well play around with some blur filters)

I think I’m in love with aprons currently. If I’m going to spend the rest of my days around kids, cooking and cleaning, I might as well do it in style right?

I cannot wait until this pattern is available: Emmeline Apron

And I’d love to make a whole passel of these and these to have on hand for the kids

I really wanted to join in The Sassy Apron Swap, but I don’t know if I could pull off anything worthy of sending to someone else with as short on cash as we are. Hopefully I can get in on the next round.

And this is just plain cute: Apron Evangelism


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