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Menu Magnets February 10, 2008

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I’ve been meaning to get some of these done for awhile, but reality always seems to slow me down.

Menu Magnets

Usually I sit down to make a shopping list and draw a complete blank on what I’m making for the week. Or I write out the main dishes, only to forget to shop for the side dishes. And honestly, our fridge is normally such a hodge-podge of coupons, recipes and clippings that space was a commodity. I saw a cute little memo board in some decorating magazine and it gave me the inspiration to make my own magnets.

Menu Magnets

I used OpenOffice.Org Draw to create my own though WordPress does not allow its file type. Here’s a PDF of blank ones. You should be able to copy them over to something like PowerPoint or Microsoft Word and adjust them. If you use OpenOffice.Org email me for the original file.

Menu Magnets

I had originally intended to make magnets for the week, and blank ones that I could use a dry erase marker on for the meals. Unfortunately the only type that Wal-Mart sold were a “matte” finish – basically plain paper – and they are certainly not dry-erasable or something to touch with wet/dirty fingers. Staples was right down the shopping strip, but it was raining and I had Rowan with me. Just have to make do, right? So I ended up printing magnets with most of our staple meals on them and I’ll just use PostIts for special or new dinners.


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