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Apron, Oh Apron… how I love thee February 19, 2008

Filed under: Crafting,Pictures — Katie @ 3:27 pm

I have decided that I must have this apron pattern and then I must make at least 7 of them…

Emmeline Apron

Isn’t it gorgeous? And it also can conveniently tie in the front and be all cute and such.

This lovely little number is the brainchild of Meg at Montessori by Hand, and I’ve been drooling over it since she released a picture of her first prototype. I even tried to get in on the pre-order but money was too tight. Then I checked out her Etsy shop – Montessori By Hand – and found even more adorable patterns. So many patterns, so little time.

But don’t fret my dears. The Apronista is having a drawing for your very own Emmeline Apron Pattern. Yes, that means free! Just drop by and leave a comment and you could make one of these beauties for yourself!


2 Responses to “Apron, Oh Apron… how I love thee”

  1. Frank Says:

    I can use a few shirts that require ironing!

  2. Syd Says:

    Très doux. I love it. It’s like the perfect sweet dress too, but an apron. I’m forever getting “stuff” on me when I cook.

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