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Manic Monday for February 25, 2008 February 25, 2008

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Manic Monday

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

We were pretty much broke, so we just hung out and did what we do when we’re broke – watch TV and dream of eating an Outback PrimeRib. {drool} I’ve never been big on doing things for my birthday. It’s so close to Xmas and really, it’s just another day.

What’s the last thing you bought yourself, just for fun?

I found the cutest fabric yesterday at WalFart for a dollar a yard. I had to have it, and knew instantly what I am going to make out of it. Or the “Spank Me, I’m Irish” button I picked up to wear at our St Paddy’s Day Bash. I buy a lot more stuff for the boys “just because” though.

What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?

Probably that I’m fat and pretty dang boring. I always pictured myself as a tall, slim, beautiful, educated and jetsetting. While I’m no dumby the other 4 I fail horribly at. Spontaneity at 14 was wearing a Burger King crown at 1am and running through the sprinklers of a deserted golf course. Spontaneity at 25 is adding a little Louisiana Hot Sauce to your mashed potatoes. I wouldn’t change my current place in life for anything, but my 25 year old self would have some stern words with my 14 year old self.


One Response to “Manic Monday for February 25, 2008”

  1. Syd Says:

    Ha, I’ve never really thought about what myself as a child would think of myself as an adult. And I don’t know the “Spank me, I’m Irish” Sounds like something your 14 year old self would love. 😀

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