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Yay! Pictures! February 28, 2008

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Handmade invites for our St Paddy’s Day Bash. Nothing fancy.

St Paddy's Day Bash Invites


This was originally intended as a throw for Matt, but then he told me in no uncertain terms that he hates knit and crocheted blankets and would never use it. Now I’m not sure what to do with it once it’s completed.

Another WIP


Here’s the completed top of Declan’s quilt as well as his chosen backing. Still lots and lots of work to do on it. In the end it will end up being roughly 72″ x 40″

Declan's Quilt Top

Declan's Quilt Top


These pieces are some of the cheap stuff I’ve picked up at WalFart recently. My fave is the one on top. When I showed it to my mom it made her think of a dress that her grandmother had made her when she was a little girl. I love it because it’s retro and girly without being over the top. The others are just stuff that caught my eye. It’s hard to tell, but the stone-colored piece in the middle has a linen texture to it. I’m thinking it would make cute Fabric Boxes, ala Ric Rac.

WalFart Steals



Anyway, those are my latest Works In Progress. Happy Reading!


One Response to “Yay! Pictures!”

  1. strangeaffinity Says:

    Ooh…I’ll take your blankie! *grin* I LOVE knit blankets! My birthday is only in 3 months, too, y’know. I love the quilt you’re making for Declan, and I’m excited to see Rowan’s (Green is my favorite color.).

    I think I need to snag this idea too… I’m making patchwork skirts for the older girls, and a patchwork dress for Del. After that, it’s log-cabin quilts… I have a crazy amount of fabric, from thrifted shirts and stuff like that…

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