Runaway October

Delving into the crazy world of crafts, cooking and kids…

About me and everyone else too January 1, 2008

Runaway October:

What started as a simple username has morphed into more. Originally I was looking for a name for a parenting forum that wasn’t cheesy like mom22boys2yearsoldandunder or something that I’d have to change is someone else came along like Declan’sMama. The name came from the fact that both of my boys are born in October and once the calendar starts winding into that time of year it just runs away from you. Especially for me, as I never planned to have kids in October, but they both decided October was THE month, 5 weeks early or not!

Maybe someday RunAwayOctober will be a household name with stores throughout the world, but I guess I should set my goals lower, such as having regular readers on my humble little blog.


I am a 20-something year old Work-at-home-mama, trying to make a living running a small daycare. I’m also trying to keep my sanity, but that’s significantly harder. The purpose of this blog is to help me keep my New Years Resolutions, which involves doing more adventurous cooking, completing more crafts and becoming a better parent. I’d also like to start seling things through my Etsy store to help supplement income and stop the brain-loss that is known as Watching-Kids-all-day-and-never-having-Adult-Conversation-itis.

The rest of the cast is:

  • Hubby – Isn’t really my hubby, but close enough. Real weddings are expensive and we have better things to spend money on. I’m still kinda holding out for that one day where I can get all prettied up, but oh well. Maybe Hubby will be all spontaneous and romantic and we’ll do something quick and small, but I’m not holding my breath on that either. đŸ™‚
  • Declan – My oldest son. 2 years old, enough said. Well, I’ll also say that he’s one of the cutest kids ever – not that I’m biased or anything.
  • Rowan – My youngest son, exactly 2 years younger than Declan. Well, 2 years and 5 days. Also one of the cutest babies around.
  • Mudder – She lives with us and is the biggest help I could ever have. Roommate-shoommate, she’s an Official Sanity Saver!
  • Fable McTroubleMaker – Our Great Dane Pup. #2 of the Terrible Trio, with Declan being #1 and Kurt, mom’s cat, being #3.

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