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Yay! Pictures! February 28, 2008

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Handmade invites for our St Paddy’s Day Bash. Nothing fancy.

St Paddy's Day Bash Invites


This was originally intended as a throw for Matt, but then he told me in no uncertain terms that he hates knit and crocheted blankets and would never use it. Now I’m not sure what to do with it once it’s completed.

Another WIP


Here’s the completed top of Declan’s quilt as well as his chosen backing. Still lots and lots of work to do on it. In the end it will end up being roughly 72″ x 40″

Declan's Quilt Top

Declan's Quilt Top


These pieces are some of the cheap stuff I’ve picked up at WalFart recently. My fave is the one on top. When I showed it to my mom it made her think of a dress that her grandmother had made her when she was a little girl. I love it because it’s retro and girly without being over the top. The others are just stuff that caught my eye. It’s hard to tell, but the stone-colored piece in the middle has a linen texture to it. I’m thinking it would make cute Fabric Boxes, ala Ric Rac.

WalFart Steals



Anyway, those are my latest Works In Progress. Happy Reading!


Apron, Oh Apron… how I love thee February 19, 2008

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I have decided that I must have this apron pattern and then I must make at least 7 of them…

Emmeline Apron

Isn’t it gorgeous? And it also can conveniently tie in the front and be all cute and such.

This lovely little number is the brainchild of Meg at Montessori by Hand, and I’ve been drooling over it since she released a picture of her first prototype. I even tried to get in on the pre-order but money was too tight. Then I checked out her Etsy shop – Montessori By Hand – and found even more adorable patterns. So many patterns, so little time.

But don’t fret my dears. The Apronista is having a drawing for your very own Emmeline Apron Pattern. Yes, that means free! Just drop by and leave a comment and you could make one of these beauties for yourself!


Tutorial: Skully from an old T-Shirt February 14, 2008

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Step One: Choose an acceptable shirt – such as the long-sleeved one hiding in the back of your husbands dresser that you’ve seen worn once for 5 minutes. Even then it was obvious that the sleeves were much too short. Make sure it’s stretchy and warm – knits and fleece are great for this.

Step Two: Measure your child’s, or your own, head. Take two measurements – One around the biggest part of the head, where the brim of a hat normally sits. The second measurement is taken from between the eyes over the head to the base of the skull. Don’t worry about being exact, we mainly are making sure that we make it big enough to fit properly on the noggin and isn’t too small.

Then add an inch for seam allowances to both measurements. If you are going to reuse the seam along the bottom of the T-Shirt these are your final measurements. If you need to add your own hem, add an extra 1″ to the eye to nape measurement.

For example:

Reusing hem – Declan’s head circumference is 20″ and the eye-to-nape measurement is 15″, so after adding seam allowances I have a measurement of 21″ x 16″. Now divide that measurement by 2, which equals 10.5″ x 8″.

Not reusing hem – Declan’s head circumference is 20″ and the eye-to-nape measurement is 15″, so after adding seam allowances I have a measurement of 21″ x 16″. Then I add an additional inch to the eye-to-nape measurement which is now 21″ x 17″. Now divide that measurement by 2, which equals 10.5″ x 8.5″.

Step Three: Lay out the shirt you found and cut two rectangles using the size we determined above. If you don’t have the child around to measure, Declan has a pretty standard sized 2yo head. I like to iron the shirt out flat and cut the two pieces at the same time using a rotary cutter. Make sure to feign innocence when your husband finds you shredding his old “paintballing shirt”. You’ve never seen him go paintballing anyway.

Step Four: With wrong sides together, sew together one long side of the rectangle. Now grab a ruler and make a mark 3/4″ in on the unsewn long side of the rectangle. Make another mark 1/4″ in at the top. Connect the marks using a ruler to determine your seams for the short sides of the rectangle. This, along with the standard 1/4″ seam, will ensure that the skully will fit around the head without gapping. Sew up the seams you just drew.

Skully Tute

Now your skully should start to take shape.

Step Five: Fold the opening up by 1/4″ or whatever you would like. Press and sew to form the bottom hem. Turn right side out. Viola! It’s seriously as simple as that.

To make the little ears, cut some strips from whatever fabric – I like to use strips of the knit T-Shirt because it will stop unraveling if you stretch it out – and tie them at the corners using a square knot. The size of the ear determines the final shape of the skully, though they all look the same while being worn.

Skullies from an old T-Shirt

Little adornments are easy to make if you happen to have some HeatNBond laying around. Basically just cut out your shape from a coordinating fabric, iron the HeatNBond to the wrong side, peel the backing and iron it onto the Skully in the desired location. I then go around the edges with a Zigzag stitch just to make sure it stays on and give it a cute little flair.

You can also use one long rectangle and fold it in half so there is no seam in the top.

This is my thoughtful pose...




Pictures of Baby Gorgeousness February 10, 2008

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After the rain...

Click “More” for more pictures… (more…)


Lined Two-Pocket Wallet

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Excuse the bad pictures.

Lined Two-Pocket Wallet

Since making my small reversible purse, I realized that just tossing all of my many many cards into my purse was not working. When I say many cards, I mean like 50. So I made this.

Lined Two-Pocket Wallet

It should have been relatively simple but I decided it needed a different pattern inside and it needed two compartments. I ended up ripping apart my first prototype only to discover that I had cut and sewn it right, I had just folded it wrong. Oops!

Lined Two-Pocket Wallet



Menu Magnets

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I’ve been meaning to get some of these done for awhile, but reality always seems to slow me down.

Menu Magnets

Usually I sit down to make a shopping list and draw a complete blank on what I’m making for the week. Or I write out the main dishes, only to forget to shop for the side dishes. And honestly, our fridge is normally such a hodge-podge of coupons, recipes and clippings that space was a commodity. I saw a cute little memo board in some decorating magazine and it gave me the inspiration to make my own magnets.

Menu Magnets

I used OpenOffice.Org Draw to create my own though WordPress does not allow its file type. Here’s a PDF of blank ones. You should be able to copy them over to something like PowerPoint or Microsoft Word and adjust them. If you use OpenOffice.Org email me for the original file.

Menu Magnets

I had originally intended to make magnets for the week, and blank ones that I could use a dry erase marker on for the meals. Unfortunately the only type that Wal-Mart sold were a “matte” finish – basically plain paper – and they are certainly not dry-erasable or something to touch with wet/dirty fingers. Staples was right down the shopping strip, but it was raining and I had Rowan with me. Just have to make do, right? So I ended up printing magnets with most of our staple meals on them and I’ll just use PostIts for special or new dinners.


Struttin’ his stuff January 30, 2008

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So the camera is not a fan of anything that moves. Keep that in mind.

Mr Rowan is just growing right along. He’s a little over 3 months old and getting big. We weighed him at home and he seems to be just over 12 pounds. Here he is trying to sit up!

Look Mom! Two Hands!

Click for a larger version

He’s just full of smiles and little coos and is finally getting to the point where I can put him down for longer then 30 seconds without squalling his head off.

Unfortunately the boys seem to be catching something from my daycare boy. Because of some stupid doctor we recently took Declan to, Matt doesn’t want me giving Declan anything but Vitamins. That doctor said that Vitamin C will just makes things worse. How bogus is that?

I’m trying to get some nice pictures of Declan. We’ll see how that goes. 😀